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We are hands on in every step of the growing & making process, working to ensure that every bottle we produce is honest, approachable, and elegant.  It's hard work, but we think you deserve to know what wine is meant to be.  We invite you to taste the difference and truly taste the best wines this region has to offer.

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Our passion starts in the vineyard, where each plant is pruned, trained, hedged, & harvested by hand.  Good wine starts with good grapes, so we work diligently to grow the best quality grapes possible.  This means long days in the extreme heat & cold caring for our vines.  Our vines would naturally overproduce in the sandy loam soil, so extensive work is done in the vineyard to ensure reduce foliage & fruit. Harvesting is done at night so our grapes are handled & fermented at the lowest possible temperatures to create high quality wines that showcase their terroir and the versatility of the Chesapeake Bay region.

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Don & Barbara Segal, Founding Owners

Don & Barbara Segal, Founding Owners


"Wine is something we love to make & love to share.  We put our heart, soul, & mind into every bottle we produce, knowing our enthusiasm for making handcrafted wines sets us apart.  Our wines are not only award winning, but they can stand on their own to showcase the rich heritage of the region.  We are proud to bring something refreshingly different to the table."  -Nathanael & Andrea O'Shea, Winemakers & Owners


On work days, Scout (left) and Bruno (right) pull their weight protecting the crops from various wildlife.  They bring a refreshing energy & smile to work every day.

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Finn McCool is eager to greet everyone & to share a hug or even some cheese & crackers when he's on duty.